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Article: Physiological, neurochemical and morphological properties of a subgroup of GABAergic spinal lamina II neurones identified by expression of green fluorescent protein in mice.

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Heinke B; Ruscheweyh R; Forsthuber L; Wunderbaldinger G; Sandkühler J
J. Physiol. (Lond.), 2004

Table 1. 

Morphology of lamina II EGFP- and non-EGFP-expressing neurones

EGFP-labelled neurones (n = 29) Non-EGFP-labelled neurones (n = 31)
Islet cells 18 (62%)  6 (19%)
Vertical cells  4 (14%) 10 (32%)
Radial cells 0  8 (26%)
Unclassified cells  7 (24%)  7 (23%)

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