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Article: Differential effects of NGF and BDNF on axotomy-induced changes in GABA(A)-receptor-mediated conductance and sodium currents in cutaneous afferent neurons.

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Oyelese AA; Rizzo MA; Waxman SG; Kocsis JD
J. Neurophysiol., 1997

Table 3.

Effect of NGF and vehicle treatment in vivo on expression of fast and slow Na+ current in axotomized cutaneous afferent DRG neurons

Axotomized + Slow Only Fast/Slow Combination Fast Only Total
Vehicle perfusion 0 6 10 16
NGF perfusion 33-150 103-150 6 19
  • Values are numbers of neurons. For abbreviations, see Table 2.

    NGF (0.25 μg/μl) was deliverd directly to the transected sciatic nerve stump in vivo at 0.5 μl/h for 14 days. Delivery of vehicle solution served as a control.

  • F3-150 P < 0.001 with respect to the occurrence of the slow Na+ current in 6 of 16 neurons after vehicle treatment as determined by χ2 formulation with 2 degrees of freedom.

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