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Article: Inputs to nucleus pontis caudalis from adjacent trigeminal areas.

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Dal Bo G; Lund JP; Verdier D; Kolta A
Eur. J. Neurosci., 2005

Table 3.  Effects of tetrodotoxin (TTX) injections in ventral and dorsal nucleus pontis caudalis on the firing rate of neurones in PeriV, NVsnpr and NVmt
EffectChange in firing rate (%)*
Ventral TTX injectionDorsal TTX injection
  • *

    Effects described as mean ± SEM of changes in firing frequency expressed as percentage of the initial firing rate.

Increase of firing370 ± 146 (n = 15)151 ± 30 (n = 7)
Decrease of firing56 ± 24 (n = 5)53 ± 12 (n = 5)
No effect on firing  0 (n = 2)  0 (n = 0)

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