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Article: Tonic mGluR5/CB1-dependent suppression of inhibition as a pathophysiological hallmark in the striatum of mice carrying a mutant form of huntingtin.

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Dvorzhak A; Semtner M; Faber DS; Grantyn R
J. Physiol. (Lond.), 2013

Table 2.  GABAergic synaptic transmission in R6/2 WT and CAR
PropertyWTCAR p valueTest
Mean±SEM n Mean±SEM n
  1. All measurements were made at Vh=−70 mV and ECl=−21 mV. The recording electrode contained, among other constiuents, 100 mm potassium gluconate and 50 mM KCl. n, number of neurons; p value, significance level; P, probability of release. For other abbreviations see list on Introduction page.

Basic characteristics (all connections)
 Mean eIPSC amplitude (pA)170.7410.81108116.296.80101<0.0001Mann-Whitney’s U test
 Maximal eIPSC amplitude (pA)293.1716.6899201.079.6093<0.0001Mann-Whitney’s U test
 P (mean eIPSC/maximal eIPSC)0.580.01990.530.01930.0076Student's unpaired t test
 eIPSC failure rate (%)3.130.461086.950.971010.0228Mann-Whitney’s U test
 eIPSC CV (coefficient of variation, %)35.661.1810741.541.781010.0059Student's unpaired t test
 Asyncronicity index (100 Hz test)0.960.16182.410.35160.0004Student's unpaired t test
 dIPSC integral (pA s)4.640.65189.642.02160.0192Student's unpaired t test
 PPR (eEPSC2/eEPSC1)0.710.011080.810.02101<0.0001Student's unpaired t test
 PPR % change by CB1 blockNone14−7.503.0090.0432Student's paired t test
 PPR % change by GABAB receptor block−7.552.1914None140.0195Student's paired t test
Quantal analysis (based on 100 Hz test)
 Q (median of dIPSC distribution; pA)29.463.031835.081.69160.1273Student's unpaired t test
 N (RRP = cumulative eIPSC at time 0/Q)19.392.691814.792.32160.2113Student's unpaired t test
 Pves (mean eIPSC/Q)0.410.03180.320.02160.0252Student's unpaired t test
 m (mean eIPSC/Q)7.040.65184.410.61160.0062Student's unpaired t test

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