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Article: SP-SR interneurones: a novel class of neurones of the CA2 region of the hippocampus.

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Mercer A; Botcher NA; Eastlake K; Thomson AM
Hippocampus, 2012

Table 4. Properties of IPSPs Elicited by Single Presynaptic Action Potentials in Bistratified Cell-Pyramid Connections in the CA1 and CA2 Regions and in SP–SR Interneurone-Pyramid Connections
Cell typePostsynaptic MP (mV)IPSP mean amplitude (mV)IPSP half width (ms)IPSP 10–90% rise time (ms)
  1. The asterisks stand for values that are statistically significant. Data are represented as mean ± standard deviation (SD). MP, membrane potential. IPSPs elicited in CA2 SP–SR interneurones were similar in amplitude to those elicited in CA1 and CA2 bistratified cells (MW U, P > 0.05). The widths at half amplitude and the 10–90% rise times of the IPSPs elicited in SP–SR interneurones were similar to those of CA2 bistratified cells (MW U, P > 0.05) but briefer than those elicited in CA1 bistratified cells (MW U, P < 0.05, U = 0).

CA2 bistratified cell-pyramid connections (n = 3)−63.3 ± 2.4−1.12 ± 0.1220 ± 3.93.5 ± 1.1
CA1 bistratified cell-pyramid connections (n = 3)−59.3 ± 2.5−0.8 ± 0.150.3* ± 148.9* ± 1.5
CA2 SP–SR interneurone-pyramid connections (n = 3)−59 ± 1.1−0.91 ± 0.1522 ± 4.62.5 ± 1.8

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