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Article: Dentate filter function is altered in a proepileptic fashion during aging.

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Patrylo PR; Tyagi I; Willingham AL; Lee S; Williamson A
Epilepsia, 2007

Table 1. Characteristics of the responses evoked by single and paired stimulation of the perforant path in normal aCSF
  1. PS, population spike; PPI, paired-pulse index; IPI, interpulse interval.

  2. All values are expressed as the mean ± SEM.

Age (range)2–11 months21–32 months
Maximal evoked PS (mV)13.2 ± 0.6312.63 ± 0.93
PPI (10 ms IPI)0.18 ± 0.040.25 ± 0.05
PPI (50 ms IPI)1.28 ± 0.051.24 ± 0.05
Maximal evoked antidromic PS (mV)19.2 ± 1.7820.33 ± 1.59

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