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Article: Dentate filter function is altered in a proepileptic fashion during aging.

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Patrylo PR; Tyagi I; Willingham AL; Lee S; Williamson A
Epilepsia, 2007

Table 3. Polysynaptic IPSP conductances and reversal potentials in granule cells from adult and aged rats
By cell GroupNo. of cellsGfast (nS)Gslow (nS)Efast (mV)Eslow (mV)
  1. No significant differences were noted between the conductances or reversal potentials of the fast and slow IPSPs in granule cells from aged versus adult Fischer 344 rats. Comparisons were performed between cells per groups as well as animals per group. Efast, reversal potential of fast IPSP; Eslow, reversal potential of slow IPSP; Gfast, conductance of fast IPSP; Gslow, conductance of slow IPSP.

Adult1710.0 ± 1.51.9 ± 0.4−56.4 ± 1.1−80.4 ± 1.1
Aged218.5 ± 1.11.8 ± 0.3−56.3 ± 1.2−82.6 ± 1.4
By animal
GroupNo. of animalsGfast (nS)Gslow (nS)Efast (mV)Eslow (mV)
Adult1010.4 ± 2.32.0 ± 0.5−55.8 ± 1.0−80.1 ± 1.4
Aged138.4 ± 1.51.8 ± 0.4−56.1 ± 1.3−82.0 ± 1.8

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