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Article: Genetic fate mapping reveals that the caudal ganglionic eminence produces a large and diverse population of superficial cortical interneurons.

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Miyoshi G; Hjerling-Leffler J; Karayannis T; Sousa VH; Butt SJ; Battiste J; Johnson JE; Machold RP; Fishell G
J. Neurosci., 2010

Table 3.

Interneuron-specific molecular markers in P21 mouse somatosensory cortex: Reelin expression in MGE-derived interneurons

SST+ SST+/Reelin+ EGFP+/SST+ Triple+ EGFP+/Reelin+ EGFP+ Reelin+ Total
6.2% 5.1% 9.2% 19.0% 0% 48.3% 12.2% 811 cells
  • All of MGE-derived interneurons (labeled with a method used in Table 1) expressing Reelin coexpress SST, suggesting that Reelin-positive SST-negative interneurons are exclusively derived from the CGE.

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