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Article: External tufted cells in the main olfactory bulb form two distinct subpopulations.

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Antal M; Eyre M; Finklea B; Nusser Z
Eur. J. Neurosci., 2006

Table 1.   Selection of functional parameters
Functional parametersParameters independent of both the amplitude of injected current and the elapsed timeP-values
Regression analysis of independence of injected current, Pearson's R correlationPaired comparison, beginning vs. end of recording
Sign testPaired t-test
  1. Pearson's regression analysis was used to ensure that the parameters used to characterize the cells did not depend on the amplitude of the injected current. To ensure that the parameters were not influenced by the elapsed time during the whole-cell recordings, they were compared at the beginning and at the end of the recording period with either parametric (paired t-test) or nonparametric (Sign-test) tests as appropriate (following Shapiro–Wilk's normality test, at P < 0.01). Despite P-values > 0.01, the full width at half maximum of the last AP, the decay times at 25%, 50% and 75% of AHP of the last AP and last ISI were not included in our analysis, as they were not included for the first AP either.

Input resistanceYes0.405
Membrane time constantYes0.868
Threshold of first APYes0.5840.220
Peak amplitude of first APNo0.5790.000
Full width at half maximum of first APNo0.2590.006
Amplitude of AHP of first APYes0.1360.560
Decay time at 25 % of AHP amplitude of first APNo0.0070.360
Decay time at 50 % of AHP amplitude of first APNo0.0050.542
Decay time at 75 % of AHP amplitude of first APNo0.0070.877
First ISINo0.0040.291
Threshold of last APYes0.0200.880
Peak amplitude of last APNo0.3050.000
Full width at half maximum of last APNo0.4100.095
Amplitude of AHP of last APYes0.7390.263
Decay time at 25 % of AHP amplitude of last APNo0.7370.440
Decay time at 50 % of AHP amplitude of last APNo0.4750.542
Decay time at 75 % of AHP amplitude of last APNo0.2650.222
Last ISINo0.1690.175
Ratio of last and first ISIYes0.0610.651
Ratio of thresholds of last and first APNo0.0000.877
Ratio of peak amplitude of last and first APNo0.0070.000
Ratio of FWHMs of last and first APYes0.0110.519
Ratio of AHP Amplitude of last and first APYes0.0930.014
Mean of ISI distributionYes0.0820.880
Maximum of ISI distributionYes0.2030.880
Minimum of ISI distributionNo0.0090.291
Coefficient of variance of ISI distributionYes0.5240.880

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