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Article: Local circuitry involving parvalbumin-positive basket cells in the CA2 region of the hippocampus.

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Mercer A; Eastlake K; Trigg HL; Thomson AM
Hippocampus, 2012

Table 5. Mean Amplitudes of EPSPs Elicited by Single Pyramidal Spikes in Pyramidal Cells and Basket Cells in the CA1 and CA2 Regions and the Quantal Parameters Estimated by Fitting Equations Derived From The Binomial Model
Cell typeMean amplitude (mV)n ± SDq ± SDp ± SD
  1. There were no consistent differences in mean EPSP amplitudes between these groups. However, the estimated quantal amplitudes (q) for EPSPs elicited in all pyramidal cells were significantly smaller than estimates obtained for EPSPs elicited in the basket cells studied (Unpaired t test, P < 0.05). Estimates of release probability (p) for the facilitating EPSPs elicited in wide dendritic arbor CA2 basket cells were lower than estimates of p for other types of depressing connection, but this difference did not reach significance with the samples available.

CA2 pyramid–basket cell connections    
 Narrow dendritic arbor basket cells (n= 7)1.75 ± 13.21 ± 1.180.83 ± 0.27*0.63 ± 0.2
 Wide dendritic arbor basket cells (n = 6)2.45 ± 0.874.23 ± 1.441.44 ± 0.76*0.52 ± 0.2
CA1 pyramid–basket cell connections (n = 5)1.72 ± 0.385.72 ± 2.380.51 ± 0.150.63 ± 0.22
CA2 pyramid–pyramid connections (n = 1)0.4520.410.54
CA1 pyramid–pyramid connections (n = 4)0.94 ± 0.314.01 ± 2.460.45 ± 0.160.64 ± 0.25

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