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Article: Modulation of action potential firing by iberiotoxin and NS1619 in rat dorsal root ganglion neurons.

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Zhang XF; Gopalakrishnan M; Shieh CC
Neuroscience, 2003

Table 3Effects of NS1619 on passive electrical properties and action potentials in small and medium size neuronsa
RMP3 (mV)Threshold (mV)Duration (ms)Amplitude (mV)AHP (mV)
Small diameter neurons
Control−57.3±0.8 (23)−20.8±1.2 (23)6.3±0.5 (23)70.0±2.3 (23)40.7±1.5 (23)
NS1619−57.1±0.8 (23)−18.8±1.2** (23)9.0±0.7** (23)66.6±2.8** (23)42.8±1.4* (23)
Medium diameter neurons
Control−55.1±1.1 (9)−23.1±1.2 (9)4.0±0.5 (9)77.3±4.1 (9)39.7±1.8 (9)
NS1619−54.9±1.2 (9)−20.6±1.7* (9)6.9±1.2** (9)71.0±3.8* (9)39.0±2.1 (9)
aNumber of neurons tested is indicated in parenthese.*Indicates significant difference, P<0.05, Students' t-test, and**indicates significant difference; P<0.01, Students' t-test.

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