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Article: Chronic ethanol treatment alters AMPA-induced calcium signals in developing Purkinje neurons.

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Netzeband JG; Trotter C; Parsons KL; Gruol DL
Brain Res., 1999

Table 1Summary of effects of chronic ethanol treatment on the membrane response to AMPA at 15 DIV
Peak amplitude (mV)Duration (s)aPeak amplitude (mV)Duration (s)a
Control (n=14)25±217±23±177±11
Chronic ethanol (n=17)26±218±13±0.576±7
Control (n=16)33±248±47±1119±12
Chronic ethanol (n=19)34±153±47±1127±12
There was no difference between the control and chronic ethanol treatment groups for any of the measurements (P>0.05, unpaired t-test). All values are the mean±S.E.M. and represent combined data from studies performed in the presence and absence of TTX.aThe duration of the depolarization represents the time from AMPA application to recovery to baseline; the duration of the hyperpolarization is taken from the start of the hyperpolarization to when the hyperpolarization recovers to one-half of the maximal hyperpolarization.

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