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Article: Ca2+-dependent and Na+-dependent K+ conductances contribute to a slow AHP in thalamic paraventricular nucleus neurons: a novel target for orexin receptors.

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Zhang L; Kolaj M; Renaud LP
J. Neurophysiol., 2010

Table 2Proportions of thalamic neurons depolarized by orexin agonists
Orexin-A23% (3/13)0% (0/6)25% (2/8)28% (10/35)0% (0/9)0% (0/3)n.t.0% (0/3)0% (0/6)
Orexin-B71% (27/38)10% (2/19)21% (5/22)16% (2/12)0% (0/12)0% (0/13)0% (0/4)0% (0/5)0% (0/7)
CL: centrolateral nucleus, Pf: parafascicular nucleus, MD: mediodorsal nucleus, TRN: thalamic reticular nucleus, dLGN: dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus, LP: lateral posterior nucleus, VB: ventrobasal, LD: laterodorsal nucleus, Po: posterior thalamic nucleus, n.t.: not tested.

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