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Article: Postnatal development of rat nucleus tractus solitarius neurons: morphological and electrophysiological evidence.

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Vincent A; Tell F
Neuroscience, 1999

Table 6Quantitative data for developing multipolar nucleus tractus solitarius neurons (neurobiotin)*
Age (days)
0–3 (n=2)8–10 (n=3)15–21 (n=5)Adult (n=6)
Somal surface (μm2)250±140190±31301±123270±120NS
Total dendritic length (μm)520±311420±4101480±1401450±5580–3 vs all ages, P<0.05
Area of influence (μm2)12,740±470081,206±370087,025±470085,000±45000–3 vs all ages, P<0.05
Spine density (spine/μm)0.001±0.0010.014±0.0020.008±0.0040.004±0.0038–10 vs adult, P<0.001
*Values are means±S.D. NS, not significant.

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