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Article: Cholecystokinin-immunopositive basket and Schaffer collateral-associated interneurones target different domains of pyramidal cells in the CA1 area of the rat hippocampus.

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Cope DW; Maccaferri G; Márton LF; Roberts JD; Cobden PM; Somogyi P
Neuroscience, 2002

Table 2Co-localisation of pro-CCK and calbindin (CB) immunoreactivity in interneurones of the CA1 area of adult and P17-P20 rats
ReferenceAgeAreaStratum radiatum and border area with lacunosum-moleculareStratum pyramidale
Total cells nOnly CCK+ %Only CB+ %CCK+ and CB+ %Cells CCK+Cells CB+Interneurones CCK+
nalso CB+ %nalso CCK+ %nalso CB+ %
This studyAdult #1CA18355.412.032.57337.03773.02512.0
Adult #23850.018.431.63138.71963.2650.0
Adult #33050.030.020.02128.61540.0147.1
Adult #42458.325.016.71822.21040.0425.0
Total adult1751438149
P20 #1CA14163.49.826.83729.71573.3147.1
P20 #22445.833.320.81631.31338.51216.7
P20 #32259.118.222.71827.8955.650.0
P17 #110066.019.015.08118.53444.14419.1
Total P17–P201871527175
Total all ages362295152124
Gulyás et al., 1991AdultCA116240.158.61.2673.0972.1293.5

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