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Article: Evidence of altered inhibition in layer V pyramidal neurons from neocortex of Kcna1-null mice.

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van Brederode JF; Rho JM; Cerne R; Tempel BL; Spain WJ
Neuroscience, 2001

Table 2Frequency of spontaneous synaptic currents in wild-type (+/+) and Kcna1-null (−/−) micea
Frequency (Hz)
sPSC24.0 (12.3–39.7)32.3 (18.4–52.5)*†
sIPSC24.9 (11.7–42.4)†27.7 (15.3–45.5)*†
mIPSC20.6 (8.9–37.9)†26.6 (14.9–45.7)*
sEPSC17.8 (7.5–41.6)†20.9 (8.6–43.6)†
mEPSC15.5 (4.6–44.2)†18.3 (6.2–38.5)†
asPSC frequency was measured in control perfusate, sIPSC frequency in perfusate containing CNQX+AP5 and mIPSC frequency in CNQX+AP5+TTX. Number of cells in each group was 11 (+/+) and 15 (−/−). In a different group of animals we measured EPSC frequency in AP5+BMI and mEPSC frequency in AP5+BMI+TTX. Number of cells in these experiments was 6 (+/+) and 9 (−/−). For calculations of frequency values, segments containing 100 events in each cell were randomly selected. Inter-event frequency was calculated for each of the events in these segments and the frequency data were pooled for each animal type. Values are given as median values, calculated for the pooled data, with the 25th and 75th percentiles indicated in parentheses.*Significantly different from wild-type (K–S test).†Significant difference between perfusates within a group.

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