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Article: Evidence of altered inhibition in layer V pyramidal neurons from neocortex of Kcna1-null mice.

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van Brederode JF; Rho JM; Cerne R; Tempel BL; Spain WJ
Neuroscience, 2001

Table 3Comparison of the biophysical properties of spontaneous miniature post-synaptic currents measured in layer V pyramidal neuronsa
Amplitude, pA14.0 (8.7–22.0)11.0 (8.8–14.0)31.3 (19.6–47.6)22.7 (13.2–40.3)
Rise-time, ms0.31 (0.19–0.57)0.25 (0.15–0.51)0.56 (0.44–0.82)0.51 (0.39–0.76)
Half-width, ms1.10 (0.56–1.90)0.86 (0.56–1.80)4.0 (2.8–6.1)3.9 (3.0–5.3)
aAmplitude, 10–90% rise time and half-width are presented as median values calculated from grouped results in each type of mice. Values in parentheses represent 25th and 75th percentiles. Non-overlapping, spontaneous events were obtained in perfusate containing CNQX, AP5 and TTX (mIPSCs) or AP5, BMI and TTX (mEPSCs). Comparisons were made for n=1787 mEPSCs collected in five cells (wild-type, +/+), 1351 mEPSCs from seven cells (kcna1-null, −/−), 3435 mIPSCs from 11 cells (+/+) and 4214 mIPSCs from 14 cells (+/+). Each individual cell contributed 100 or more events to the grouped results.

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