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Article: Properties of somatosensory synaptic integration in cerebellar granule cells in vivo.

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Jörntell H; Ekerot CF
J. Neurosci., 2006

Table 4.

Type of input and depth distribution (n = 92)

Fraction of cells (%) Depth of Purkinje cell layer
Cutaneous input 55 70 ± 35 mm
    Hair 21
    Non-hair 16
    Both/not investigated 18
Joint movement input 25 194 ± 70 mm
    One digit or paw 8
    Elbow and/or shoulder 9
    Indirect/deep input 7
    Inhibition from skin 2
No somatosensory input 18 245 ± 63
Input from skin and joint movement 2
  • The proportion of granule cells activated by specific inputs and their recording depth from the Purkinje cell layer are shown.

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