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Article: Paradoxical sleep deprivation impairs spatial learning and affects membrane excitability and mitochondrial protein in the hippocampus.

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Yang RH; Hu SJ; Wang Y; Zhang WB; Luo WJ; Chen JY
Brain Res., 2008

Table 1Effect of PSD on body weight and weight change of rats (mean±SE, n=10)
Starting weight (g)172.6±2.9172.1±3.1173.3±2.6NS
Day 1 (g)178.1±3.3168.2±3.4175.8±2.8NS
Day 2 (g)185.9±4.2163.9±4.1177.9±3.2F=8.4, p<0.001
Day 3 (g)193.4±4.4162.7±4.2178.1±3.1F=14.7, p<0.001
Day 4 (g)199.1±5.0163.9±3.8180.8±4.2F=16.4, p<0.001
Day 5 (g)208.3±5.4164.4±3.8183.8±4.2F=21.8, p<0.001
Weight change (g)34.4±3.1−16.8±2.510.8±4.3F=55.0, p<0.001
Statistically significant differences were determined by one-way analysis of variance and calculation of least significant difference (p<0.05). Body weight changes in the 3 groups were significantly different from one another.

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