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Article: Synaptic profile of nucleus tractus solitarius neurons involved with the peripheral chemoreflex pathways.

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Accorsi-Mendonça D; Castania JA; Bonagamba LG; Machado BH; Leão RM
Neuroscience, 2011

Table 2Characteristics of miniature spontaneous EPSCs from 2nd-order baro and chemosensory NTS neurons
ADN-NTS neurons (n=9)CB-NTS neurons (n=17)
Amplitude (pA)32.4±4.927.2±2.1
Frequency (Hz)1.3±0.51.5±0.4
Half width (ms)2.1±0.22.2±0.1
Rise time (ms)1.4±0.21.5±0.1

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