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Article: Morphological and electrophysiological features of motor neurons and putative interneurons in the dorsal vagal complex of rats and mice.

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Gao H; Glatzer NR; Williams KW; Derbenev AV; Liu D; Smith BN
Brain Res., 2009

Table 1Morphological features of DMV neurons.
FeaturesUnlabeled (n=53)EGFP labeled (n=25)
Soma area (μm2)290.2±14.8319.4±19.2
Total dendritic length (μm)1151.0±63.21360.1±134.6
No. of dendrites3.6±0.24.0±0.2
No. of branch points4.7±0.44.6±0.4
Total axonal length (μm)381.1±58.8463.1±150.4
Axon out of vagal complex32 of 5312 of 25
Length of shortest primary dendrite (μm)27.6±5.715.5±2.3
Average distance to first dendritic branch (μm)82.0±11.065.7±7.2
Spine density (spines/μm)0.0030±0.00050.0025±0.0009
DMV, dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus; EGFP, enhanced green fluorescent protein.

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