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Article: Morphological and electrophysiological features of motor neurons and putative interneurons in the dorsal vagal complex of rats and mice.

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Gao H; Glatzer NR; Williams KW; Derbenev AV; Liu D; Smith BN
Brain Res., 2009

Table 2Morphological features of rat DMV neurons with different axon trajectories.
FeaturesVL (n=44)DVC (n=5)
Soma area (μm2)299.6±14.4163.3±46.1⁎
Total dendritic length (μm)1111.5±66.7610.4±129.3⁎
No. of dendrites4.0±0.22.6±0.4⁎
No. of branch points4.2±0.41.6±0.7⁎
Total axonal length (μm)549.4±91.6347.2±78.8
Average axonal segment length (μm)539.0±91.2282.7±27.5⁎
Length of shortest primary dendrite (μm)24.9±6.352.1±23.2
Average length of primary dendrite (μm)84.4±12.6147.9±44.7
Spine density (spines/μm)0.0021±0.00050.0053±0.0018
DVC, dorsal vagal complex; VL, ventrolateral projection; NTS, nucleus tractus solitarius.⁎Significant difference from neurons with VL trajectory (P<0.05).

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