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Article: Heterogeneity of spike frequency adaptation among medium spiny neurones from the rat striatum.

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Venance L; Glowinski J
Neuroscience, 2003

Table 2Single-cell RT-PCR analysis of the marker expression (ENK, SP and MOR mRNAs) among non-adapting and adapting MSNsa
ENKSPMORNon-adapting MSNs, % (n=59)Adapting MSNs, % (n=33)
39 (23)42 (14)
+25 (15)27 (9)
+3 (2)9 (3)
+14 (8)0 (0)
++3 (2)0 (0)
++0 (0)6 (2)
++9 (5)12 (4)
+++7 (4)3 (1)
aPercentage of neurones displaying PCR amplicons for the different expression markers patterns relative to their spike frequency phenotype (non-adapting or adapting). No significant difference was found between both groups of MSNs considering each marker expression patterns, except for the exclusive expression of MOR (Fisher's exact test: P=0.05).

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