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Article: Spike sequences and mean firing rate in rat neocortical neurons in vitro.

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Karpuk N; Vorobyov V
Brain Res., 2003

Table 3Spike sequence parameters of rat neocortical neurons in vitro
Spike sequenceDP(−) (n=38)DP(+) (n=30)P
Base spike frequency, Hz7.60.408.70.40n.s.
Intrasequence spike frequency, Hz10.90.9011.00.60n.s.
Number of spikes5.
Number of spike sequences, min−111.10.6512.10.65n.s.
Duration, ms516.018.00502.015.00n.s.
Interval slope, ms/s77.84.2043.02.20*
Interval slope, ms/spike11.50.906.20.50*
AHP slope, mV/s1.500.101.150.05*
AHP slope, mV/spike0.150.0080.130.004*
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