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Article: Intrinsic membrane properties of pre-oromotor neurons in the intermediate zone of the medullary reticular formation.

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Venugopal S; Boulant JA; Chen Z; Travers JB
Neuroscience, 2010

Table 2Neuron types: depolarization versus hyperpolarizing pre-pulse
Depol: patternTonicIBSA
Hyper/Depol excitabilityE 14RD 10RND 15E 5RD 2RND 5NE 11
Hyper/Depol patternTonic 13IB 1Tonic 9IB 1Tonic 2IB 6SA 7Tonic 1IB 4IB 2SA 5SA 11
Action potential firing patterns: Tonic, Irregular/burst (IB), spike-adaptive (SA).Hyperpolatization-induced excitability changes: increased spiking (E), reduced spiking (R) with delay Rd or no-delay RND, no effect (NE).

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