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Article: Effects of serotonin through serotonin1A and serotonin4 receptors on inhibition in the guinea-pig dentate gyrus in vitro.

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Bijak M; Misgeld U
Neuroscience, 1997

Table 2Effects of serotonin and (±)-8-hydroxy-dipropylaminotetralin hydrobromide on Cl-inhibitory postsynaptic potentials in granule cells
(μM)Change in the frequency of IPSPs % control (n)Δ MP (mV)% Rin
increasedecreaseno effect
5130±25 (2)48±6 (3)(2)−5.7±1.275±2
40180±35 (3)57±8 (3)(1)−8.3±1.268±3
5150±23 (5)44±8 (3)(1)2.2±1.076±5
40480±150 (6)50±10 (3)(0)3.5±2.070±6
2(0)61±5 (12)(1)−9.2±273±5
5-HT+5-HT1A receptor antagonists
5147±11 (7)(0)(5)2±190±5
40149±19 (11)(0)(1)3±1.582±6
5-HT was applied to seven granule cells recorded with KCl-filled electrodes and to nine cells recorded with CsCl-filled electrodes under standard conditions (CNQX 10μM and CGP37849 1μM), 5 and 40μM 5-HT were tested in each cell. The 5-HT1A receptor antagonists were: (+) WAY 100135 (5–10μM; six cells) and spiperone (5μM; six cells). The effect on IPSPs was measured at resting membrane potential for 3-min time-periods. Δ MP=change in resting membrane potential. % Rin=percentage change in input resistance.

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