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Article: Adenosine A1 receptors presynaptically modulate excitatory synaptic input onto subiculum neurons.

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Hargus NJ; Bertram EH; Patel MK
Brain Res., 2009

Table 1Inhibition of AMPA EPSC's by adenosine is mediated via A1 and not A2A adenosine receptors.
Control (pA)Agonist (pA)Wash (pA)Antagonist (pA)Agonist and antagonist (pA)Wash (pA)
Adeno (10 μM) and DPCPX (500 nM; n=5)−345.2±54.0−97.6±39.4⁎−324.8±55.1−486.0±91.9†−464.4±94.7−481.0±53.0
CPA (10 nM) and DPCPX (500 nM; n=5)−295.6±25.3−153.9±16.3⁎−250.4±20.1−384.9±25.1†−375.9±25.1−331.9±18.7
Adeno (10 μM) and ZM 241385 (50 nM; n=3)−236.2±15.6−84.7±7.7⁎−176.2±11.9−173.9±10.2−77.6±10.2¶−177.5±7.6
EPSC's were evoked by stimulation of the CA1 pyramidal layer. Values represent means of average EPSC amplitudes±S.E.M. ⁎represents p<0.01. †represents p<0.05. ¶represents p<0.05 when tested against antagonist.

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