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Article: Testing the disinhibition hypothesis of epileptogenesis in vivo and during spontaneous seizures.

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Buckmaster PS; Jongen-Rêlo AL; Davari SB; Wong EH
J. Neurosci., 2000

Table 1.

Interneuron densities and numbers in the dentate gyrus of seizure-resistant and seizure-sensitive gerbils

Seizure- resistant Seizure- sensitive
GABA-immunoreactive neuron density (profiles/mm2)
 Dentate gyrus Mean 175 170
SEM 9 9
 Superior granule cell layer Mean 572 569
SEM 27 34
GAD67 mRNA-positive neurons (number/dentate gyrus)
 Dentate gyrus Mean 18,788 18,124
SEM 1,176 1,278
CE1-a 0.07 0.09
CV1-b 0.15 0.16
 Superior granule cell layer Mean 4,329 4,585
SEM 554 512
  • There are no significant differences (t test).

  • F1-a Coefficient of error.

  • F1-b Coefficient of variation.

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Inferred neuron-electrophysiology data values

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