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Article: Morphology and physiology of excitatory neurons in layer 6b of the somatosensory rat barrel cortex.

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Marx M; Feldmeyer D
Cereb. Cortex, 2013

Table 1

Morphological and physiological parameters of L6B neurons that were used for the CA

Dendritic morphology Axonal morphology Physiology
Total dendrite length (µm) Total axon length (≥3000 µm) AP half-width (ms)
Dendritic branching frequency (nodes/100 µm) Axonal branching frequency (nodes/100 µm) Firing frequency per 100 pA
Max. cortical dendritic field span (µm) Max. cortical axonal field span (µm) Min. ISI (ms)
Laminar distribution of dendrites (superficial vs. local/infralaminar) Laminar distribution of axons (superficial vs. local/infralaminar) Adaptation ratio
AP amplitude (mV)
Columnar distribution of dendrites (intracolumnar vs. transcolumnar) Columnar distribution of axons (intracolumnar vs. transcolumnar) AHP amplitude (mV)
Spiny/spineless dendrites
Main dendrite (apical or “apical”-like)
Orientation of main dendrites

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