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Article: Interneuron diversity in layers 2-3 of monkey prefrontal cortex.

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Zaitsev AV; Povysheva NV; Gonzalez-Burgos G; Rotaru D; Fish KN; Krimer LS; Lewis DA
Cereb. Cortex, 2009

Table 6

Summary of interneuron diversity in layers 2-3 of monkey DLPFC

Morphological type Unique morphological features Molecular markers Shape of AP at phase plot diagram Physiological class
LAC “Straight” pattern of axonal arborization PV Rocking chair FS
ChC Axon cartridges PV Rocking chair FS
NGFC “Curvy” arborization; numerous thin radially distributed dendrites CB (and NPY) Vertically oriented egg i-Ad
MC Dense axonal cluster in layer 1 SS (and CB) Vertically oriented egg c-Ad1
CAC Curvy arborization; few predominantly vertically distributed dendrites CB or CR in some cells Vertically oriented egg c-Ad1
DBC Thin vertically oriented axon collaterals with minimal branching CR (CB in some cells) Vertically oriented egg c-Ad1
VOBC Thick smooth vertically oriented axon trunks with short beaded curving horizontal collaterals CR Snail c-Ad2
LPBC Tiny cells; axon terminals form “claw”-like structures CR (CB in some cells) Snail c-Ad2

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