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Article: Impaired firing properties of dentate granule neurons in an Alzheimer's disease animal model are rescued by PPARĪ³ agonism.

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Nenov MN; Tempia F; Denner L; Dineley KT; Laezza F
J. Neurophysiol., 2015

Table 1.

Number and cell type of dentate granule neurons recorded per animal for each experimental condition

Wild-typeTg2576Tg2576 + RSGWild-type + RSG
Animal ## of Cells (Cell Type)Animal ## of Cells (Cell Type)Animal ## of Cells (Cell Type)Animal ## of Cells (Cell Type)
11 (t1)11 (t1)12 (t1, t1)11 (t1)
21 (t1)21 (t2)22 (t2, t2)21 (t1)
31 (t1)33 (t1, t1, t2)31 (t1)32 (t2, t2)
42 (t1, t1)42 (t1, t2)41 (t2)42 (t1, t1)
52 (t1, t1)51 (t2)52 (t1, t1)52 (t1, t1)
62 (t1, t2)63 (t1, t1, t1)61 (t1)62 (t2, t1)
71 (t2)73 (t2, t2, t1)71 (t2)72 (t1, t1)
81 (t2)82 (t2, t1)83 (t1, t2, t2)81 (t1)
93 (t2, t1, t1)94 (t1, t1, t1, t1)92 (t1, t1)93 (t1, t2, t1)
102 (t2, t2)102 (t2, t2)103 (t1, t1, t1)106 (t2, t1, t2, t2, t2, t1)
111 (t1)111 (t1)112 (t1, t2)111 (t1)
121 (t1)121 (t2)122 (t1, t2)121 (t1)
132 (t1, t1)131 (t1)131 (t2)
145 (t2, t2, t1, t1, t1)142 (t2, t2)141 (t1)
152 (t1, t1)153 (t1, t1, t1)153 (t1, t1, t1)
161 (t2)162 (t1, t1)
171 (t1)
182 (t1, t1)
192 (t1, t2)
202 (t2, t1)
211 (t1)
# of Cells/Animal# of Cells/Animal# of Cells/Animal# of Cells/Animal
  • RSG, rosiglitazone; t1, dentate granule neuron type I; t2, dentate granule neuron type II; Min, minimum; Max, maximum; Med, median.

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