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Article: Microcircuits of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in layer 2/3 of mouse barrel cortex.

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Avermann M; Tomm C; Mateo C; Gerstner W; Petersen CC
J. Neurophysiol., 2012

Table 4.

Reciprocally connected neurons were not observed with probabilities different from chance

    No. of pairs tested573646
    No. of measured reciprocal connections2126
    Measured reciprocity, %3.533.313.0
    Expected reciprocity, %2.834.511.4
    Confidence interval, %0.0-7.019.4-50.02.2-19.6
    No. of pairs tested1029
    No. of measured reciprocal connections42
    Measured reciprocity, %40.06.9
    Expected reciprocity, %30.39.2
    Confidence interval, %10.0-60.00.0-17.2
    No. of pairs tested12
    No. of measured reciprocal connections3
    Measured reciprocity, %25.0
    Expected reciprocity, %14.5
    Confidence interval, %0.0-33.3
  • The probability of finding reciprocal synaptic connections between pairs of neurons measured experimentally was not different compared with the expected probability of reciprocal connections in a network with randomly assigned connectivity. All values of measured reciprocity were inside the confidence intervals computed for the neuron type pairing. The confidence interval denotes the range of values for which measured reciprocity would not be significantly different from the expected reciprocity (P > 0.05) given the limited sample size.

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