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Article: Properties of precise firing synchrony between synaptically coupled cortical interneurons depend on their mode of coupling.

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Hu H; Agmon A
J. Neurophysiol., 2015

Table 2.

Summary of chemical and electrical coupling of FS and SOM pairs

No Chemical ConnectionOne-Way IPSPReciprocal IPSPTotal
FS pairs
    Not electrically coupled11 (12%)18 (20%)24 (26%)53 (58%)
    Electrically coupled3 (3%)18 (20%)18 (20%)39 (42%)
    Total14 (15%)36 (39%)42 (46%)92 (100%)
SOM pairs
    Not electrically coupled4 (7%)4 (7%)
    Electrically coupled56 (93%)56 (93%)
    Total60 (100%)60 (100%)
  • Values are numbers of interneuron pairs, with percentages given in parentheses. IPSP, inhibitory postsynaptic potential.

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