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Article: Molecular and functional differences in voltage-activated sodium currents between GABA projection neurons and dopamine neurons in the substantia nigra.

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Ding S; Wei W; Zhou FM
J. Neurophysiol., 2011

Table 1.

Single-cell RT-PCR primer pairs for rat neuronal Nav channels, TH, and GAD1 mRNAs

mRNA (Accession No.) Start Position Primers (5′ to 3′)
Nav1.1 (NM_030875) F 4659 ggctcgttcttcactctaaa
R 5106 ttcctacaatggagaggatg
Nav1.2 (NM_012647) F 1641 aggcgggataggtgttttct
R 1991 gcaaagtcattttcggaacc
Nav1.3 (NM_013119) F 3291 ggaaggatgcaaaagggaat
R 3586 acagcaattggcacagtcac
Nav1.6 (NM_019266) F 2808 ggccatcatcgtcttcatct
R 3058 ggttgccaatgaccataacc
Navβ1 (NM_017288) F 820 ctggccattacttccgagag
R 1118 gccatattgcttcacccatc
Navβ2 (NM_012877) F 403 gttcctccagttccgaatga
R 751 gtcatccgtgctcagcttct
Navβ3 (NM_139097) F 1850 ctgggccagagatgactttc
R 2149 acacgcccatctttgtctct
Navβ4 (AF544988.1) F 380 cccaaactgttctttctgag
R 729 caatcccagagttctagtgc
TH (NM_012740) F 1130 cactgtggaattcgggctat
R 1329 cattgaagctctcggacaca
GAD (NM_017007) F 1567 caagttctggctgatgtgga
R 1826 actccatcatcagggctttg
  • Nav, voltage-activated sodium; TH, tyrosine hydroxylase; GAD, glutamate decarboxylase; F, forward; R, reverse.

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