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Article: Development of cholinergic modulation and graded persistent activity in layer v of medial entorhinal cortex.

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Reboreda A; Raouf R; Alonso A; Séguéla P
J. Neurophysiol., 2007


Postburst responses in the presence of CCh

Age Group Type of Response n
Delayed Persistent Graded No Response
P5 4 1 0 12 17
P10 2 0 7 9 18
P16 0 2 11 3 16
P21 0 3 13 1 17
  • Occurrence of different types of postburst response to step depolarizations (50 pA, 1 s) under cholinergic modulation for the different age groups. Recordings were performed in perforated-patch configuration. Cells that show only delayed activity respond with a ≤15-s depolarization; we consider persistent activity when the cell is able to fire for >15 s in response to the same type of step depolarization. Graded persistent activity indicates that the neuron is able to modulate the frequency of its persistent activity. P5 and P10 stages are significantly different from all the other stages, whereas P16 is similar to P21 (significance at P < 0.05, Fisher's exact test).

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