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Article: Electrophysiological classes of cat primary visual cortical neurons in vivo as revealed by quantitative analyses.

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Nowak LG; Azouz R; Sanchez-Vives MV; Gray CM; McCormick DA
J. Neurophysiol., 2003

Table 2.

Input resistance and time constant, subclasses (values are given only when statistically significant differences were observed between subclasses of a given class)

Input Resistance (MΩ)
RSC(n = 16) RSTS (n = 17)
58.8 ± 17.7 [27.6–90.8] 44.3 ± 14.3 [20.7–74.5]
Time Constant (ms)
FSLFI (n = 8) FSC(n = 4)
9.4 ± 3.9 [3.8–12.7] 3.8 ± 1.1 [3.2–5.5]
  • Values are mean ± SD. Between brackets: minimum and maximum values. Sample size (n) differs from values indicated in text as measurements have been made on a subsample of cells.

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Inferred neuron-electrophysiology data values

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