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Article: Mutational analysis of dendritic Ca2+ kinetics in rodent Purkinje cells: role of parvalbumin and calbindin D28k.

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Schmidt H; Stiefel KM; Racay P; Schwaller B; Eilers J
J. Physiol. (Lond.), 2003

Table 2

Model parameters

Parameter Value Notes
[Ca2+]rest 45 nm Airaksinen et al. (1997)
[Mg2+]i 590 μm Calculated, held constant
Ca2+ influx
 Peak amplitude 36–130 pA
 Half-width 4 ms
 Michaelis–Menten constant, Km 3 μm
 Max. pump velocity dendrite, vmax 30–300 pmol cm−2 s−1
Oregon Green BAPTA-1
 Effective concentration 160 μm 80% of pipette conc.
KD 325 nM This study
Koff 140 s−1 Eberhard & Erne (1991)*
Kon 0.43 × 109 M−1 s−1 Calculated
Calbindin D28k
 Effective concentration 40 μm Maeda et al. (1999)
 Binding sites (non-cooperative) 4 Nägerl et al. (2000)
 Ratio of high- and medium-affinity binding sites 2:2 et al. (2000)
Koff,medium aff. 35.8 S−1 et al. (2000)
Koff, high aff. 2.6 s−1 Nägerl et al. (2000)
Kon, medium aff. 4.35 × 107 M−1 s−1 Nägerl et al. (2000)
Kon, high aff. 0.55 × 107m−1 s−1 Nägerl et al. (2000)
KD, medium aff. 822nm Calculated
KD, high aff. 474 nm Calculated
 Effective concentration 40 μm Kosaka et al. (1993)§
 Binding sites (non-cooperative) 2
Koff,Ca 0.95 S−1 Lee et al. (200b)
Koff,Mg 25 s−1 Lee et al. (200b)
KD,Ca 9 nm Lee et al. (2000b)
KD,Mg 31 μm Eberhard & Erne (1994)
Kon,Ca 10.7 × 107m−1 s−1 Calculated
Kon,Mg 0.8 × 106m−1 s−1 Calculated
 Volume of spine head 0.1 μm3 Harris & Stevens (1988)
 Surface area of spine head 0.9 μm2 Harris & Stevens (1988)
 Radius of spine neck 0.1 μm Harris & Stevens (1988)
 Length of spine neck 0.66 μm Harris & Stevens (1988)
 Spine density 3.4 μm−1 Vecellio et al. (200)
 Radius of dendritic segment 1 μm
 Length of dendritic segment
 Single-compartment model 10 μm
 Double-compartment model 0.3 μm Calculated
Diffusional mobility
 DCa 223 μm2 s−1 Allbritton et al. (1992)
 DOGB 15 μm2 s−1 Holthoff et al. (2002)*
 DPV 43 μm2 s−1 Schmidt et al. (2003)
 DCB 28 μm2 s−1 Schmidt et al.
 Fraction of immobile calbindin 0.2 Schmidt et al.
  • * Data for Calcium Green-1, an indicator dye closely related to OGB-1

  • assuming that their fast buffer is CB, that 33% of CB is occupied by MG2+ and that 25% of CB is wahsed out during out wholecell recordings

  • assuming two-fold slower kinetics in the dendrites compared with the in vitro data (Berggård et al. 2002)

  • § assuming 50 % washout of PV during our recordings.

  • H. Schmidt, B. Schwaller & J. Eilers, unpublished observations.

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Inferred neuron-electrophysiology data values

Neuron Type Neuron Description Ephys Prop Extracted Value Standardized Value Content Source
Cerebellum Purkinje cell spike half-width 4.0 -- Data Table
Cerebellum Purkinje cell AHP amplitude 83.0 -- Data Table
Cerebellum Purkinje cell cell surface area 0.9 -- Data Table