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Article: Properties and interconnections of trigeminal interneurons of the lateral pontine reticular formation in the rat.

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Bourque MJ; Kolta A
J. Neurophysiol., 2001

Table 3.

Average latencies and coefficient of variation of PSPs recorded in PeriV, and PCRt following stimulation of adjacent areas

Recording Site Stimulation Site
IntV Medial PeriV SupV PCRt
 Latency, ms 3.53 3.71c 3.26
 CV 0.16 0.13 0.19
n 1 6 5
Medial PeriV
 Latency, ms 4.05d e 2.64e f
 CV 0.18 0.17
n 9 8
 Latency, ms 1.44 3.79a 4.84f
 CV 0.31 0.21 0.18
n 2 11 5
 Latency, ms 2.96 2.33a b 6.67b c d
 CV 0.26 0.16 0.17
n 2 5 4
  • Numbers with the same superscript letter differ significantly from each other. n below 4 were excluded from the analysis. CV, coefficient of variation; for other abbreviations, see Table 1.

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