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Article: Synaptic drive to motoneurons during fictive swimming in the developing zebrafish.

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Buss RR; Drapeau P
J. Neurophysiol., 2001

Table 1.

Comparison of free and fictive beat-and-glide swimming

Parameter Free Swimming Fictive Swimming
Mean beat period, ms 180  ± 20 220  ± 30
Mean glide period, ms 390  ± 30* 910  ± 100*
Mean tail beats/beat period 4.7  ± 0.5* 6.9  ± 0.8*
Mean tail beat frequency, Hz 35  ± 2 35  ± 2
  • Values shown are means ± SE. Mean beat periods were significantly different from mean glide periods during both free and fictive swimming (not indicated in the Table). The number of larvae or motoneurons examined to calculate the presented mean values in free swimming was 12 and in fictive swimming was 11.

  • *  Significant difference of means (Student'st-test or Mann-Whitney rank sum test); comparisons were made horizontally in the table.

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