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Amygdala basolateral nucleus pyramidal neuron (Definition)

Electrophysiological properties of Amygdala basolateral nucleus pyramidal neurons from literature:

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Articles with extracted electrophysiology properties:

Article Title Authors Journal Year Electrophys values Neuron types
Cell-type-specific GABA responses and chloride homeostasis in the cortex and amygdala. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Martina M; Royer S; Paré D J. Neurophysiol. 2001 30 2
Distinct subtypes of cholecystokinin (CCK)-containing interneurons of the basolateral amygdala identified using a CCK promoter-specific lentivirus. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Jasnow AM; Ressler KJ; Hammack SE; Chhatwal JP; Rainnie DG J. Neurophysiol. 2009 48 2
Dopamine modulates excitability of basolateral amygdala neurons in vitro. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Kröner S; Rosenkranz JA; Grace AA; Barrionuevo G J. Neurophysiol. 2005 24 2
Noradrenergic excitation of a subpopulation of GABAergic cells in the basolateral amygdala via both activation of nonselective cationic conductance and suppression of resting K+ conductance: a study using glutamate decarboxylase 67-green fluorescent protein knock-in mice. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Kaneko K; Tamamaki N; Owada H; Kakizaki T; Kume N; Totsuka M; Yamamoto T; Yawo H; Yagi T; Obata K; Yanagawa Y Neuroscience 2008 32 2
Cellular mechanisms of infralimbic and prelimbic prefrontal cortical inhibition and dopaminergic modulation of basolateral amygdala neurons in vivo. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Rosenkranz JA; Grace AA J. Neurosci. 2002 24 1
Postnatal development of electrophysiological properties of principal neurons in the rat basolateral amygdala. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Ehrlich DE; Ryan SJ; Rainnie DG J. Physiol. (Lond.) 2012 54 1
Adult-like action potential properties and abundant GABAergic synaptic responses in amygdala neurons from newborn marmosets. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Yamada D; Miyajima M; Ishibashi H; Wada K; Seki K; Sekiguchi M J. Physiol. (Lond.) 2012 36 1
Neurogliaform cells of amygdala: a source of slow phasic inhibition in the basolateral complex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Mańko M; Bienvenu TC; Dalezios Y; Capogna M J. Physiol. (Lond.) 2012 7 1
Essential role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in the regulation of serotonin transmission in the basolateral amygdala. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Daftary SS; Calderon G; Rios M Neuroscience 2012 7 1
Cholinergic responses of morphologically and electrophysiologically characterized neurons of the basolateral complex in rat amygdala slices. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Yajeya J; de la Fuente Juan A; Merchan MA; Riolobos AS; Heredia M; Criado JM Neuroscience 1997 9 2
Ex vivo dissection of optogenetically activated mPFC and hippocampal inputs to neurons in the basolateral amygdala: implications for fear and emotional memory. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Hübner C; Bosch D; Gall A; Lüthi A; Ehrlich I Front Behav Neurosci 2014 68 2
Learning-induced bidirectional plasticity of intrinsic neuronal excitability reflects the valence of the outcome. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Motanis H; Maroun M; Barkai E Cereb. Cortex 2014 4 1
Increased anxiety-like behavior and enhanced synaptic efficacy in the amygdala of GluR5 knockout mice. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Wu LJ; Ko SW; Toyoda H; Zhao MG; Xu H; Vadakkan KI; Ren M; Knifed E; Shum F; Quan J; Zhang XH; Zhuo M PLoS ONE 2007 14 2
A Selective Role for Lmo4 in Cue-Reward Learning. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Maiya R; Mangieri RA; Morrisett RA; Heberlein U; Messing RO J. Neurosci. 2015 7 1
Increased Basolateral Amygdala Pyramidal Cell Excitability May Contribute to the Anxiogenic Phenotype Induced by Chronic Early-Life Stress. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Rau AR; Chappell AM; Butler TR; Ariwodola OJ; Weiner JL J. Neurosci. 2015 6 1

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