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Hippocampus CA1 IS-I neuron (Definition)

Electrophysiological properties of Hippocampus CA1 IS-I neurons from literature:

  • Reports: Blue dots indicate human-curated values; Orange dots indicate non-human curated values
  • Mean+SD: mean and standard deviation of human-curated neuron measurements
  • All neurons: mean and standard deviation computed over all neurons in database
  • Interactivity:
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  • Mouse over y- axis labels to view definition or click to view values across neuron types
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  • Legend: Blue dots = text-mined values human curated; Orange dots = text-mined values not human curated

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Articles with extracted electrophysiology properties:

Article Title Authors Journal Year Electrophys values Neuron types
Differential responses to NMDA receptor activation in rat hippocampal interneurons and pyramidal cells may underlie enhanced pyramidal cell vulnerability. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Avignone E; Frenguelli BG; Irving AJ Eur. J. Neurosci. 2005 14 2
Synapse-specific inhibitory control of hippocampal feedback inhibitory circuit. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Chamberland S; Salesse C; Topolnik D; Topolnik L Front Cell Neurosci 2010 7 1
Molecular and electrophysiological characterization of GFP-expressing CA1 interneurons in GAD65-GFP mice. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Wierenga CJ; Müllner FE; Rinke I; Keck T; Stein V; Bonhoeffer T PLoS ONE 2010 55 1
Dendritic inhibition provided by interneuron-specific cells controls the firing rate and timing of the hippocampal feedback inhibitory circuitry. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Tyan L; Chamberland S; Magnin E; Camiré O; Francavilla R; David LS; Deisseroth K; Topolnik L J. Neurosci. 2014 18 2
Hippocampal "cholinergic interneurons" visualized with the choline acetyltransferase promoter: anatomical distribution, intrinsic membrane properties, neurochemical characteristics, and capacity for cholinergic modulation. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Yi F; Catudio-Garrett E; Gábriel R; Wilhelm M; Erdelyi F; Szabo G; Deisseroth K; Lawrence J Front Synaptic Neurosci 2015 26 4

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