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Article: Chronic ethanol treatment alters AMPA-induced calcium signals in developing Purkinje neurons.

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Netzeband JG; Trotter C; Parsons KL; Gruol DL
Brain Res., 1999

Table 2Summary of effects of chronic ethanol treatment on passive membrane properties at 15 DIV
Control (n=14)Chronic ethanol (n=16)
Resting membrane potential (mV)−51±1−52±1
Input resistancea
Peak hyperpolarization (MΩ)339±16297±16b
Sustained hyperpolarization (MΩ)197±10181±11
Sustained depolarization (MΩ)135±15130±13
aInput resistances were calculated separately from the slopes of the input–output curves generated by injecting standardized constant current pulses (±30 to ±150 pA; 500 ms) and measuring the peak and sustained voltage in response to hyperpolarizing current and the sustained voltage in response to depolarizing current.bIndicates a trend for the chronic ethanol treatment group to be different from the control group (0.05≤P<0.10, unpaired t-test); other measurements were not affected by chronic ethanol (P>0.10). All values are the mean±S.E.M. and represent combined data from studies performed in the presence and absence of TTX.

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Inferred neuron-electrophysiology data values

Neuron Type Neuron Description Ephys Prop Extracted Value Standardized Value Content Source
Cerebellum Purkinje cell input resistance (MΩ) 197.0 ± 10.0 197.0 (MΩ) Data Table
Cerebellum Purkinje cell resting membrane potential (mV) -51.0 ± 1.0 -51.0 (mV) Data Table