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Neocortex interneuron deep (Definition)

Electrophysiological properties of Neocortex interneuron deeps from literature:

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  • Mean+SD: mean and standard deviation of human-curated neuron measurements
  • All neurons: mean and standard deviation computed over all neurons in database
  • Interactivity:
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Articles with extracted electrophysiology properties:

Article Title Authors Journal Year Electrophys values Neuron types
Localization of calcium-binding proteins in physiologically and morphologically characterized interneurons of monkey dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Zaitsev AV; Gonzalez-Burgos G; Povysheva NV; Kröner S; Lewis DA; Krimer LS Cereb. Cortex 2005 21 1
Synaptic alpha 5 subunit-containing GABAA receptors mediate IPSPs elicited by dendrite-preferring cells in rat neocortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Ali AB; Thomson AM Cereb. Cortex 2008 15 2
Dopamine increases inhibition in the monkey dorsolateral prefrontal cortex through cell type-specific modulation of interneurons. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Kröner S; Krimer LS; Lewis DA; Barrionuevo G Cereb. Cortex 2007 36 2
GABAA receptor-mediated currents in interneurons and pyramidal cells of rat visual cortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Xiang Z; Huguenard JR; Prince DA J. Physiol. (Lond.) 1998 14 3
Inter- and intralaminar subcircuits of excitatory and inhibitory neurons in layer 6a of the rat barrel cortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Kumar P; Ohana O J. Neurophysiol. 2008 40 2
Persistent barrage firing in cortical interneurons can be induced in vivo and may be important for the suppression of epileptiform activity. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Suzuki N; Tang CS; Bekkers JM Front Cell Neurosci 2014 12 3
Ex vivo dissection of optogenetically activated mPFC and hippocampal inputs to neurons in the basolateral amygdala: implications for fear and emotional memory. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Hübner C; Bosch D; Gall A; Lüthi A; Ehrlich I Front Behav Neurosci 2014 68 2
Diversity and overlap of parvalbumin and somatostatin expressing interneurons in mouse presubiculum. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Nassar M; Simonnet J; Lofredi R; Cohen I; Savary E; Yanagawa Y; Miles R; Fricker D Front Neural Circuits 2015 56 2
Cell type-specific effects of adenosine on cortical neurons. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) van Aerde KI; Qi G; Feldmeyer D Cereb. Cortex 2015 28 3
GABAergic inhibitory interneurons in the posterior piriform cortex of the GAD67-GFP mouse. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Young A; Sun QQ Cereb. Cortex 2009 44 2
Cellular mechanisms of subplate-driven and cholinergic input-dependent network activity in the neonatal rat somatosensory cortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Hanganu IL; Okabe A; Lessmann V; Luhmann HJ Cereb. Cortex 2009 18 1
Properties of excitatory synaptic responses in fast-spiking interneurons and pyramidal cells from monkey and rat prefrontal cortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Povysheva NV; Gonzalez-Burgos G; Zaitsev AV; Kröner S; Barrionuevo G; Lewis DA; Krimer LS Cereb. Cortex 2006 24 2
A barrel-related interneuron in layer 4 of rat somatosensory cortex with a high intrabarrel connectivity. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Koelbl C; Helmstaedter M; Lübke J; Feldmeyer D Cereb. Cortex 2015 28 1
Focal cortical lesions induce bidirectional changes in the excitability of fast spiking and non fast spiking cortical interneurons. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Imbrosci B; Neitz A; Mittmann T PLoS ONE 2014 10 2
Spatial profile of excitatory and inhibitory synaptic connectivity in mouse primary auditory cortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Levy RB; Reyes AD J. Neurosci. 2012 50 4
Contributions of diverse excitatory and inhibitory neurons to recurrent network activity in cerebral cortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Neske GT; Patrick SL; Connors BW J. Neurosci. 2015 70 6
COX-2-Derived Prostaglandin E2 Produced by Pyramidal Neurons Contributes to Neurovascular Coupling in the Rodent Cerebral Cortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Lacroix A; Toussay X; Anenberg E; Lecrux C; Ferreirós N; Karagiannis A; Plaisier F; Chausson P; Jarlier F; Burgess SA; Hillman EM; Tegeder I; Murphy TH; Hamel E; Cauli B J. Neurosci. 2015 24 2
Subgroups of parvalbumin-expressing interneurons in layers 2/3 of the visual cortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Helm J; Akgul G; Wollmuth LP J. Neurophysiol. 2013 52 1
Repeated cocaine exposure increases fast-spiking interneuron excitability in the rat medial prefrontal cortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Campanac E; Hoffman DA J. Neurophysiol. 2013 10 1
Cell type-specific regulation of inhibition via cannabinoid type 1 receptors in rat neocortex. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) De-May CL; Ali AB J. Neurophysiol. 2013 18 1

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