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Spinal cord ventral horn motor neuron alpha (Definition)

Electrophysiological properties of Spinal cord ventral horn motor neuron alphas from literature:

  • Reports: Blue dots indicate human-curated values; Orange dots indicate non-human curated values
  • Mean+SD: mean and standard deviation of human-curated neuron measurements
  • All neurons: mean and standard deviation computed over all neurons in database
  • Interactivity:
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  • Legend: Blue dots = text-mined values human curated; Orange dots = text-mined values not human curated

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Articles with extracted electrophysiology properties:

Article Title Authors Journal Year Electrophys values Neuron types
Early excitability changes in lumbar motoneurons of transgenic SOD1G85R and SOD1G(93A-Low) mice. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Pambo-Pambo A; Durand J; Gueritaud JP J. Neurophysiol. 2009 12 1
Properties of urethral rhabdosphincter motoneurons and their regulation by noradrenaline. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Yashiro K; Thor KB; Burgard EC J. Physiol. (Lond.) 2010 15 1
Contribution of persistent sodium current to locomotor pattern generation in neonatal rats. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Tazerart S; Viemari JC; Darbon P; Vinay L; Brocard F J. Neurophysiol. 2007 22 2
Hindlimb unweighting for 2 weeks alters physiological properties of rat hindlimb motoneurones. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Cormery B; Beaumont E; Csukly K; Gardiner P J. Physiol. (Lond.) 2005 8 1
External urethral sphincter motoneuron properties in adult female rats studied in vitro. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Carp JS; Tennissen AM; Liebschutz JE; Chen XY; Wolpaw JR J. Neurophysiol. 2010 18 1
Diversification of intrinsic motoneuron electrical properties during normal development and botulinum toxin-induced muscle paralysis in early postnatal mice. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Nakanishi ST; Whelan PJ J. Neurophysiol. 2010 14 1
An in vitro protocol for recording from spinal motoneurons of adult rats. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Carp JS; Tennissen AM; Mongeluzi DL; Dudek CJ; Chen XY; Wolpaw JR J. Neurophysiol. 2008 16 1
Motor neuron rescue in spinal muscular atrophy mice demonstrates that sensory-motor defects are a consequence, not a cause, of motor neuron dysfunction. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Gogliotti RG; Quinlan KA; Barlow CB; Heier CR; Heckman CJ; Didonato CJ J. Neurosci. 2012 8 1
Effects of daily spontaneous running on the electrophysiological properties of hindlimb motoneurones in rats. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Beaumont E; Gardiner P J. Physiol. (Lond.) 2002 7 1
Identified ankle extensor and flexor motoneurons display different firing profiles in the neonatal rat. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Cotel F; Antri M; Barthe JY; Orsal D J. Neurosci. 2009 16 1
Selective degeneration of a physiological subtype of spinal motor neuron in mice with SOD1-linked ALS. (NeuroElectro data) (PubMed) Hadzipasic M; Tahvildari B; Nagy M; Bian M; Horwich AL; McCormick DA Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2014 40 1

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