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Article: Metabotropic glutamate receptor activation modulates epileptiform activity in the hippocampus.

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Rutecki PA; Yang Y
Neuroscience, 1997

Table 1Effects of 30μM ACPD on bicuculline-induced epileptiform activity (n=10 neurons)
PDS duration (ms)AHP amplitude (mV)AHP half decay (ms)Time between discharges (s)Input resistance (MΩ)Resting potential (mV)
Control122.1±13.1−13.9±1.21 673±22410.77±1.7338.7±4.6−63.6±2.2
ACPD118.6±13.5−11.6±3.6**1 156±194**4.25±0.45**42.7±4.3*−63.3±2.3
*P<0.05 and **P<0.002 by Student's paired t-test.

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Inferred neuron-electrophysiology data values

Neuron Type Neuron Description Ephys Prop Extracted Value Standardized Value Content Source
Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal cell AHP amplitude (mV) -13.9 ± 1.2 (10) 13.9 (mV) Data Table
Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal cell membrane time constant (s) 10.77 ± 1.73 (10) -- Data Table
Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal cell input resistance (MΩ) 38.7 ± 4.6 (10) 38.7 (MΩ) Data Table
Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal cell resting membrane potential (mV) -63.6 ± 2.2 (10) -63.6 (mV) Data Table